Flexible, Affordable, Secure Data Storage

storage as a service (Staas)

Storing your data doesn't have to be expensive.

Working with our vendor partners, we offer secure data storage to meet your needs. Our STaaS provides a scalable, on-demand, enterprise storage solution across fully redundant switches.

NWRDC's STaaS features: 

  • Full disk encryption included at no charge
  • All Flash performance
  • Local clones and snapshots
  • Offsite LUN level replication

With our STaaS consumption model, you will eliminate idle data storage capacity and pay only for the storage allocated to you for as long as you need it. Unused storage can be returned to NWRDC to reduce your overall costs.

Transitioning to STaaS is simple, with the option to either subscribe to new storage from NWRDC or or migrate your existing SAN storage using external virtualization. Our staff will work with you every step of the way. 

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what we offer

  • High performance, fiber channel connected, on-demand block level storage that can be used within your or NWRDC's physical or virtual environments.
  • CJIS compliant, cloud-based data backup and recovery service provided on a consumption model. We only charge for actual stored, deduplicated data.
  • Includes all licensing for operating systems and applications, as well as licenses for data encryption in flight and at rest.
  • Scalable, so you pay only for the storage allocated to you at any point. in time, resulting in outstanding cost-efficiencies over traditional models.

We provide a range of services to help you prepare for disasters, including storage replication from our Tallahassee data center to our offsite location near Atlanta.

Our Atlanta DR facility houses a secondary enterprise storage array, allowing our customers to maintain an environment comparable to their production services.

Redundant high-speed network connections between the sites ensure that replication is fast and efficient, keeping your remote data up to date and providing ready availability when needed. 


Our STaaS helps you cut your data storage costs, increase your ROI, and improve your organization’s flexibility. Pay only for the storage capacity you use, when you use it. Save on costs associated with the maintenance, management, power, and floor space of owning your own SAN. Custom solutions are available upon request.


Our STaaS supports more than a dozen operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, Oracle Linux, Red Hat Linux, Apple OS X, IBM z/OS, Oracle Solaris, and more. Additionally, our STaaS is compatible with FC, FiCON, and FOE storage protocols.

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