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NWRDC’s MFaaS cloud solution uses a capacity-on-demand model to deliver performance, best-in-class support, and significant cost savings. 

We offer a fully hosted virtual data center and a resource on-demand model through either our Community Cloud or our Public/Private Cloud offerings. Our z/15 platform is available in our Tallahassee and Atlanta sites.

Managed through our partnership with Ensono, MFaaS eliminates the need for your organization to own its own equipment, maintain related IT staff, or deal with the hassles of upgrading and maintaining hardware. We currently provide MFaaS for customers throughout Florida, including five state agencies, seven colleges and universities, 18 K-12 school districts, and one local municipality. 

And since Ensono is part of our customer Partnership Program, you can take advantage of NWRDC’s leveraged buying and economies of scale to reap big discounts over individual implementation.

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