cloud infrastructure

Flexibility to Respond to Changing IT Environments

cloud infrastructure

Providing a fully hosted virtual data center.

Give your organization the flexibility to respond to changing IT environments and infrastructure needs with a unique cloud computing solution. NWRDC's Cloud Infrastructure Services (CIS) offers a fully hosted virtual data center in a resource on-demand model.

The building block of NWRDC's Virtual Data Center (vDC) is the Compute Memory Bundle (CMB). Subscribe to dedicated resource pools by CMB units and run as many virtual machines as you would like. Decide how to best use your resources by dynamically reassigning them to the level you desire and controlling their priority within the vDC.

CIS components are also available at multiple physical locations, allowing you to perform disaster recovery exercises and/or conduct workload sharing across sites.

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what we offer

  • Network isolation and micro-segmentation
  • Policy-based governance controls
  • Distributed logical architecture for L2-L7 services, included with each customer vDC
  • Application-aware infrastructure management and compliance policies including PCJ, HIPPA, FISMA and SOX

As a customer, you can choose between managing your own vDC, or having it managed by NWRDC staff. NWRDC's Storage as a Service (STaaS) as well as Backup as a Service (BaaS) are optional integrated add-ons. Virtual networking features include Logical Firewall, Logical Load Balancer, Logical VPN, Logical L2-Switch, and Logical L3-Router. Connect your vDCs and secure them both internally and externally.

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