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November 16, 2022

Policy Board Approves New Governance Model

NWRDC has experienced significant growth over the past several years, and our board has worked strategically to ensure representation and input from all constituents.  With the center now responsible for the administration of FLVC and the State Data Center, the board approved a new governance structure designed to represent our customer base more equitably.  This change, codified in our Charter, expands the number of board seats to thirteen, with each member holding one vote.  Seats are appointed to:

  • The four largest customers, currently DOE, DOR, DHSMV, and DOH
  • The Small Customer Cohort
  • The Cities, Counties, and Local Governments/K-12 Districts Cohort
  • Two members of the Distance Learning and Student Services Member Council
  • Two members of the Members Council on Library Services
  • The host institution
  • The SUS Office
  • The State CIO

The board looks forward to the opportunities this expansion presents and will continue its work to enhance collaborations, build sustainable processes, and maintain fiscal transparency.  Please visit our leadership page to learn more about our new board members.