FSU Computer Science Students Tour Data Center


I had a really good time at the tour. Mr. Brown is a great guy and a very experienced individual in the field of technology, which is something that was on full display today. Beyond that, all of the staff members present really were great enthusiastic, so it was a joy to hear them talk about the data center and different processes that keep it running.” – Casey

 “I found the tour very enriching and wanted to thank everyone involved. It was cool seeing where much of FSU's data was kept, even if they wouldn't accept my bribes to give me all A's. I noticed they had some of Palm Beach Counties resources as well, which is where I'm from. I remember Mr.Brown mention a possible security related internship/program, which is something that I'd definitely be interested in. Mr. Brown and his staff did an excellent job explaining what it is that they do at NWRDC.” –Dylan

Teamwork Makes for Successful Core Move

In early February, the dedicated network teams from the Department of Education (DOE) and NWRDC worked together to move DOE's core from the Turlington Building in downtown Tallahassee out to the NWR data center.  This move, one of the last steps in DOE's data center consolidation, will streamline their network connectivity.

Annual Report

The 2012-2013 Annual Report of Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC) is now available.

2012-2013 Annual Report

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