NWRDC Icon Retires After 45 Years

Steve Menard and his wife, Ann.

Mainframe icon, Steve Menard, retired on February 28th after forty-five years of dedicated service to NWRDC and its customers. At the February 2018 Policy Board meeting, the raised floor room that houses the IBM Mainframe was named in honor of Steve’s distinguished career.

NWRDC Adds ForeScout CounterACT® to its Service Catalog

Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC) has partnered with SHI International to bring the ForeScout CounterACT® solution to our service catalog. Unlike traditional network security tools, CounterACT can protect networks against the increasing number of insider threats, including wireless and BYOD users, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and rogue devices. CounterACT is an agentless physical or virtual security appliance that dynamically identifies and evaluates network endpoints and applications the instant they connect to a network. It determines the user, owner, operating system, device configuration, software, services, patch state and the presence of security agents, while providing remediation, control and continuous monitoring of these devices. Should a device fail compliance, numerous action-based policies can be taken by alerting administrators, triggering remediation or isolation, and limiting or fully blocking network layer access.

CounterACT performs these actions on corporate, non-corporate, BYOD endpoints and non-traditional devices without requiring software agents or previous device knowledge. It deploys quickly into existing environments and rarely requires infrastructure changes, upgrades or endpoint reconfiguration.

Serving public and not-for-profit entities for over forty-five years, the NWRDC is one of Florida’s leading computing providers for government and educational communities. NWRDC’s status as an auxiliary of Florida State University allows public entities to contract directly with us for a number of IT support solutions without engaging in a lengthy procurement bid process. 

Contact NWRDC to discuss your individual service needs and requirements. We will work with SHI to develop a scope of work and detailed price quote for your CounterACT solution. Please visit our service catalog at http://www.nwrdc.fsu.edu/servicecatalog to learn more about ForeScout CounterACT and our other range of offerings.

NWRDC's Storage as a Service Wins 2017 Prudential Productivity Award

NWRDC congratulates its employees Matt Stolk, Sharon Pearson and Geoff Burda, and the members of the Florida Department of Revenue’s storage team for their 2017 Prudential Productivity Award win.  The awards program recognizes state employees and work teams whose innovative solutions measurably improve the delivery of state services, saving taxpayers money.  NWRDC is proud to have played an integral role in DOR’s efforts to increase their storage efficiency and security while reducing operating expenses.  Working with our storage vendor, NWRDC was able to include data encryption across our Storage as a Service (STaaS) offering without increasing costs to our customers. DOR leveraged this service improvement to save over $96,000 annually while ensuring federal data security requirements continued to be met.  The efforts of the NWRDC and DOR teams were recognized with a plaque at the June 14, 2017 awards luncheon in Tallahassee.  

(L-R):  Jimmie Harrell, Paul Forrester, Manish Makhija, Cliff Browning, Matt Stolk, Krishna Namilikonda, Geoff Burda, Sarah Fixel and Sharon Pearson (not pictured).

TN3270 Access Now Available Via Your Web Browser

NWRDC now offers SysperTech’s Virtel Web Access application, a fully functional 3270 Terminal Emulator that is a direct replacement for thick client solutions like Hummingbird, Host Explorer, Attachmate or PC-COM. Any device that supports a modern browser and HTTPS can securely access the 3270 applications available on the NWRDC mainframe. Thus enabling our customers to save money by removing the need for costly thick clients and the ongoing maintenance and hardware upgrades that they require.

NWRDC Featured in Center for Digital Government Publication

NWRDC has been featured in the Center for Digital Government's paper, Everything-as-a-Service:  How the inevitable unbundling of technology will impact the future of state and local government. The case study highlights NWRDC's community cloud service, which offers innovative, enterprise-level solutions to universities, school districts, and state and local governments at significant cost savings.  View the full paper here.  The case study on NWRDC begins on page 20.

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