Data Center Policies and Procedures

The following is a listing of Data Center Policies and Procedures:


NWRDC Change Management Procedure

Click here to view current change management procedures.



NWRDC Standard Rack Enclosure

NWRDC has developed a policy that sets a standard for equipment enclosures that are placed on the raised floor areas. The standard enclosure is considered to be a 42 U 19” enclosure that is no larger than 24” wide, 48” deep and 79” tall.


NWRDC Shipping and Receiving Procedure:

NWRDC can accept packages/deliveries on behalf of our clients.

Delivery Service Operating Hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Please Note: We do not receive packages/deliveries on weekends or holidays.

To best meet the needs of our customers we ask that prior to having shipments sent to NWRDC the following steps are completed:

  • Send an email a minimum of two weeks in advance to Delivery with Delivery for “Customer Name” in the subject line.
  • Include in the email the customer contact information, equipment type, number of packages and expected delivery date.

Have all shipments labeled accurately including the following information:

  • The full address of the NWRDC facility (2048 East Paul Dirac Drive, Tallahassee FL, 32310)
  • Full customer name on all shipments
  • Specify “Inside Delivery”

Once the shipment is received NWRDC will send an email to the customer contact confirming receipt of the shipment.

Please Note: NWRDC is not responsible for storing equipment. Charges will be incurred if the equipment is not moved from the receiving area in 5 business days.

Failure to comply with NWRDC’s shipping/delivery policy will result in refusal of the shipment.


Miscellaneous Item Storage

Customers may not store any miscellaneous items within a rack containing running equipment or on the Data Center floor. Examples of such items include: boxes, paper, and spare parts not integrated into equipment. Locked storage cabinets for these items will be made available to customers upon request. Please email us to inquire about storage cabinets.