Unprecedented Mid-Year Rate Decreases

NWRDC is pleased to announce a rare mid-year rate reduction for two of our core service offerings: Storage as a Service and Cloud Infrastructure Services.  Our storage rates were reduced by 10% due to a strategic contract extension with ViON, one of the data center’s storage business partners.

 Initial FY 15/16 RateNew Rate as of Oct. 1, 2015
Tier 1$0.25$0.23
Tier 2$0.23$0.22
Tier 3$0.15$0.14
Remote Replication$0.05 per GB$0.03 per GB


In addition, due to the ongoing consolidation of customers’ virtual environments and the resulting growth of NWRDC’s cloud infrastructure services, the data center has realized a significant reduction in its Compute Memory Bundle (CMB) pricing.  As per our charter, NWRDC has applied these savings to all CIS customers, who will see an $11 per month per CMB decrease.

 Initial FY 15/16 RateNew Rate as of Oct. 1, 2015
CMB                     $38.00/month$27.00/month


These rate decreases were effective October 1, 2015.