The Florida Virtual Campus Joins NWRDC

NWRDC is pleased to announce the transition of the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) to our organization. FLVC provides statewide innovative educational services for Florida's K-adult students. Working collaboratively with Florida’s 12 public universities, 28 public colleges, K-12 school districts, and other partners, FLVC provides free services to help students go to college, succeed in school, prepare for career success, and in life after graduation. 

“The NWRDC is thrilled to have this new partnership with the Florida Virtual Campus,” said Tim Brown, executive director of the Northwest Regional Data Center. “NWRDC and FSU are committed to the important work that FLVC does and through this partnership, our hope is to bring new and innovative tools, resources and services to K-adult students and educators across the state of Florida.”

By moving to the NWRDC, FLVC will be able to move forward with much of the vital work of providing educational services to Florida’s K-adult students. This new partnership will not only bring stability to FLVC but will also provide a bright new future to many of the programs.

“All of us at the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) are excited to join our colleagues at the Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC) and Florida State University,” said Elijah Scott, director of FLVC Library Services. “NWRDC has a long history as a provider of innovative information technology services in our state, so collaborating with NWRDC and FSU as the new host institution for FLVC will undoubtedly open new avenues for enhancements to the educational resources and services we offer.”