Introduction to CICS Utilization Data

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CICS accounting data is produced by an implementation of the KOMAND  accounting system.

The data is process daily (five times a week). That data is organized into  daily and monthly collections. The daily data can be processed as a  month-to-date file, but the amount of data can be intimidating.

Reports can be produced that show detail or summary data. There is even a TOP  50 report that shows the 50 most expensive transactions for the reporting period  chosen.

There is one record per transaction (usually this is one record per "enter"),  and that record contains:

  • The time and date the transaction ran
  • The transaction code
  • The CPU consumption of the task
  • VSAM I/O counts
  • The number of characters sent to and from the terminal
  • The LOGONID of the person entering the transaction
  • The APPLID of the CICS region
  • The cost of running the transaction

Tools For Accessing the CICS Utilization Data

CICS billing data is just one of the subjects of the NWRDC KOMAND History Data Retrieval and  Reporting System

That reporting system should give you adequate information to:

  • Target your most consumptive applications
  • Monitor any unexpected increase in the cost of your application
  • Understand the usage patterns of your application