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Chicago SoftMVS/QuickRef  User Guides


Quick-Ref is a TSO/ISPF application.

MVS/Quick-Ref is an online programmer's reference that provides access to a  summary of frequently used MVS and other reference materials. Programmers and  operators can use Quick-Ref to resolve problems that previously required them to  stop work at their workstation and look up information in an MVS or other  reference manual.

Messages for third-party software products such as Syncsort and VPS are  included. Also included are DB2 Error Reason Codes.

Type QW at the command line in ISPF and the Quick-Ref menu will  appear.
Press PF3 to leave Quick-Ref.

The Quick reference Product has a Quick Access feature. You can bypass the  menus and go straight to the information you need
Some examples of Fast Paths in Quick Reference are:

QW IEC* V=IBMwould list all item names starting with the characters 'IEC'  in all products belonging to vendor IBM
QW V=ALLEN* P=ODE* would list all items associated with product names  starting with the characters 'ODE' and vendor names starting with the  characters 'ALLEN' (like ODE from Allen Systems Group)
QW P=M* would list all items associated with product names  starting with the character 'M'
QW V=*will list products in vendor name sequence
QW P=* will list products in product name sequence
QW S=XX*will list DASD volumns whose names start with XX
QW S=SGIIXXXwill list as Storage Groups whose names start with IIXXX


Note: the Quick-Ref DASD screens can be sorted by any column. Notice the  number (nn) in parentheses just above the dashed line. To sort the view as you wish, just enter the line command: SORT nn or SORT nn D