Move for DB2

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IBMMOVE for DB2 Introduction
 MOVE for DB2 User Manual

Move for DB2 is the relational copy facility component of the Relational Tools. It is used to migrate relationally intact sets of data from multiple source tables to corresponding destination tables. The underlying object definitions can also be migrated. Move for DB2 is indispensable for: creating a test database that contains a relationally-intact subset of an existing production database; copying a related set of data from a production database to a "work area" where any problems can be resolved; then, the corrected data can be reintroduced to the production database.

Move for DB2 runs as a TSO/ISPF application and incorporates familiar ISPF commands. The Help and Tutorial facility in ISPF are also supported. Menu-driven prompt screens or panels are used to specify which data to obtain and then what to do with the extracted data. Intelligent screen handling technology allows simultaneous display of multiple tables, pop-up windows, cursor-sensitive on-line help, and tutorials.