Log Analyzer for DB2

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Log Analyzer for DB2 allows you to access and use the DB2 log for purposes beyond restart and recovery. With Log Analyzer, you can easily retrieve information stored in log records to support audit and data migration tasks. Special features also provide innovative solutions to the complex problems associated with logical backout and recovery of application transactions.

Product Features

  • Offers complete DB2 recovery informationin an easy-to-read format using detailed audit and exception reports.
  • Offers sophisticated UNDO and REDO SQL options. The UNDO feature can generate SQL to undo unacceptable changes to data. The REDO feature lets you redo changes on multiple subsystems. This is a fast and easy way to propagate changes from one DB2 subsystem to another DB2 subsystem or to another relational database management system.
  • Easily switches between different DB2 subsystems, and even different DB2 versions, without requiring you to exit and reallocate load libraries.
  • Provides a comprehensive reporting facility to make log analysis easy. Without CA Log Analyzer, you must use the DB2 DSN1LOGP utility to print the log contents. The resulting report is difficult to read and analyze because it is in hexadecimal format. Unlike the DSN1LOGP utility, all CA Log Analyzer reports are in a language format when possible.
  • Provides a DSN1LOGP wizard to generate JCL for a DSN1LOGP report. The wizard asks for general inforamtion such as a start and end range and any URIDs to filter on. The JCL is then generated and ready to be submitted immediately or save to a data set for later use.
  • Supports selection criteria, letting you specify a log range (date, log Relative Byte Adress (RBA), or Log Record Sequence Number (LRSN). CA Log Analyzer also offers ORDER BY capabilities for all reports. All reports can be generated on demand, or they can be saved in strategies that can be used multiple times.