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ISPF/VSAM Utility provides on-line access (through ISPF) to the most often used VSAM manipulation normally done with IDCAMS batch processing. It was designed primarily for the use of applications and systems programmers. IVU provides VSAM manipulation by editing and browsing of VSAM and NON-VSAM files with no LRECL or file size restrictions.
It also allows additional VSAM manipulation by allocating (defining), renaming, copying, and deleting VSAM files.
Data manipulation is available in two formats:
Hexadecimal / Character - This format displays record information using three lines per character, one line shows the EBCDIC (character) representation of data and the other two show the hexadecimal equivalent. Changes can be made to both the character and hex representations simply by over typing. One record per screen is shown.


Copycode - The copycode format utilizes the copycode that you specify to provide a 'COBOL' view of the data. Field levels and datanames are displayed along with the length and field type (usage). Beside each field the actual data is displayed. Data is presented in the format dictated by the picture clause. When the copycode being used has more than one 01 dataname (multiple record types) a facility is provided to switch automatically from record type to record type. Data can be changed by overtyping.


In each format complete scrolling functions are available. Record selection can be done by over typing the key with a full or partial key and pressing ENTER. A find command is also provided. In edit mode a change command allows finding and replacing specified character strings anywhere within a file.
Browsing is available in three formats:

  • Two of the formats are identical to the formats available with data manipulation: Hexadecimal/Character and Copycode as described above.
  • Full Screen Browse - The third format is full screen browse. Full screen browse has the 'look and feel' of ISPF browse. This browse format provides you with a means of seeing multiple records per screen. All of the normal ISPF browse commands are available.


A PF key is provided to swap back and forth between full screen browse and either edit format. If you find a record you want to modify, you can simply press a PF key to take you into EDIT on the file positioned at the record you were browsing. You can also swap to full screen browse from any EDIT session you are in.

  • Allocating / Defining VSAM files:
    VSAM Utility allows allocation (defining) of VSAM files including alternate indexes and paths. KSDS, ESDS, RRDS and Alternate Indexes may be defined. Parameters used to allocate datasets can be saved in a PDS member of your choosing. Parameters can then be recalled for later use allowing you to allocate other dataset 'modeling' them after an existing dataset. Datasets can be created quickly without having to run batch jobs. Datasets can then be loaded quickly the dataset COPY function from virtually any type of dataset.
  • Additional features:
    ISPF/VSAM also provides VSAM manipulation by deleting, copying, renaming, and inquiring on VSAM and NON-VSAM datasets.