IPT (ISPF Productivity Tool), formerly called SPIFFY

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IBM User's  Guide


SPIFFY is a TSO/ISPF add-on. It provides many features not present in  ISPF and it facilitates the use of existing ISPF functions by eliminating menu  navigation.

The NWRDC has a license for 100 concurrent users of SPIFFY


How to connect to SPIFFY

  • Get your security manager to change your TSO PROC to IKJAUTOS.
  • or
    • After the single signon (or MULTISESS) connection, type
              “NWRTSO * *” and hit Enter.
    • TSO will re-prompt for your user id and password, enter them as  usual.
    • When TSO asks you to “REENTER TSO PARAMETERS –“ type “PROC(IKJAUTOS)”  and hit enter.


What happens if you try to be the 101st concurrent SPIFFY user?


You will get a message telling you the limit has been reached, and after  hitting Enter, you will see the normal ISPF panel.