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BMCCONTROL-M  Getting Started Guide (v. 6.2 .pdf)
 CONTROL-M User Guide (v. 6.2 .pdf)
 INCONTROL Administrator Guide  (v. 6.2 .pdf)
 INCONTROL Utilities Guide (v. 6.2 .pdf)
 KeyStroke Language (KSL) User Guide  (v. 6.2 .pdf)


CONTROL M automates job processing in our data center.

  • It performs virtually all the job handling tasks of computer operators.
  • It provides a user interface which enables the user to intervene in the  process of production management.
  • It provides continual data and status information regarding job  processing.

CONTROL M contains many facilities and components. Working together, they all  serve to automate your data center. This section introduces these facilities and  components from a functional perspective, beginning with the major components  which comprise the heart of CONTROL M and progressing to the more minor  components which enhance the functionality of CONTROL M.

Main Components

The following components are essential to CONTROL M:

  • Job scheduling definitions
  • Active Jobs file
  • CONTROL M monitor