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IBMCICS Transaction Server
 NWRDC specific documentation
 CICS/Batch File Control System


IBM’s CICS (Customer Information Control System) is an application server that provides industrial-strength, online transaction management and connectivity for mission-critical applications.

VSAM and DB2 are the primary data sources for CICS applications at NWRDC.

COBOL is the primary language in use at NWRDC and CICS.

We support connectivity (access to CICS business logic programs) from WebSphere (on a customer's platform) as well as Shadow Web and Shadow Direct running on the NWRDC mainframe.

We support CICS Web Services as well as TCP/IP Socket interface applications.

  • The CICS Schedule (When is CICS operational)
  • CICS Application Resources (How to tell NWRDC what transactions, programs, files and data base plans you are going to need. How to promote applications to production.)
  • View current status of CICS Programs and Mapsets. This CICS based WEB application displays CICS program or mapset status by region, including length, use count and (when possible) compile date and time.
  • CICS and the World Wide Web (How CICS interacts with the World Wide Web)
  • Batch Invocations (How to invoke CICS programs from batch)
  • Utilization data (how tell what your CICS applications are costing)
  • VSAM Issues(Recommendations about the use of VSAM in CICS, how batch jobs can cause CICS to close and open files, what is a “User Defined Data Table (UMDT) and why you would want to use one)
  • CICS and DB2 (How CICS applications interact with DB2)
  • Standard BMS Attribute Names(IBM’s and NWRDC’s names for the data items that let you change 3270 BMS attributes)
  • Subprograms (NWRDC provided LINKABLE utility programs)
    • NWTOSMTP:NWR SMTP CICS Mail Facility (how to send e-mail from CICS programs)
    • NWUTINF:Dates and Times Utility (common date and time formats made easy)
    • NWUTJSUB:CICS Batch Job Submission Utility (How to submit batch jobs from a CICS program)
    • NWUTLWCA:Set 3270 Case Translation to Upper and Lower Case
    • NWUTPRT: CICS Print Utility (How to send reports to printers or users from a CICS program)
    • NWUTUPCA: Set 3270 Case Translation to Upper Case.
    • SECTEST:Security Function Code Ownership Test (How to test a terminal users ownership of security functions)
    • SECUSER: Terminal Operator User ID Utility (How to tell the id of the current terminal operator)
    • SECVERB: Transaction Code Authorization Utility (How to tell if the terminal operator is authorized for a particular transaction)
  • How to Enable Upper and Lower Case Data for 3270 Applications
  • CICS Utility Transactions (A summary of the CICS applications available at NWRDC)
  • CICS Debugging and Development Tools (What are the Debugging tools available at NWRDC)