Catalog Manager

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BMCCatalog Manager for DB2 User Guide  


CATALOG MANAGER provides interactive access to DB2 catalog information and application data with easy-to-use menus, panels and online Help. It is similar to Workbench in functionality: drill-down capability, utility JCL generation, etc. We will be providing some Quick Tips for this product to get you started; however it has an excellent tutorial. Also, it is important to review your Options. They are similar to the Options Panels for ALTER for DB2.

Product Features
Catalog Reporting of DB2 Objects - Information stored in the catalog is presented in logical progressions and easily accessed using fast path and drill-down methods.

Utility Jobs - You can generate utility JCL just by entering what you want to do next to an object. For example, type REBUILD next to an index and the JCL will be built using the proper control cards.

SQL Generation - You do not need to have a complete knowledge of DB2 SQL syntax because CATALOG MANAGER will generate it for you. For example, type INSERT next to a table and all of the database structures and constructs are presented for you.

DSN Commands - The DSN commands capability prompts you to create syntax and provides a method for you to issue DB2 commands from within the product.

Data Editing - The data editing capability enables you to create and edit table data and test applications without leaving CATALOG MANAGER.

Audit Logs - CATALOG MANAGER maintains audit logs to help you track changes or dropped objects. With DROPRECOVERY enabled, you can easily rebuild a dropped object.