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IBMACCESS for DB2 Introduction
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ACCESS for DB2 (sometimes called R-Tools) is a Relational Editor. ACCESS allows you to begin editing a single table, and then join to related tables as necessary. You can join as many tables as you wish during an edit session. The joined tables can be edited simultaneously. Scrolling is coordinated so that when one table is scrolled; all 'lower-level' tables are scrolled accordingly.

If desired, you can pre-define the data to be edited by creating an Access Definition. An Access Definition includes a list of tables, views, synonyms, or local aliases along with selection and sort criteria if desired. An Access Definition may be created once and shared among users. ACCESS uses DB2 Catalog information about relationships to join multiple tables and simultaneously scroll and edit them.

When this information is not provided in the DB2 catalog, the system prompts you to define a relationship and then stores that information in the Princeton Softech Directory. This user-specified information is then available as needed to supplement the DB2 catalog.