Tallahassee Fiber Loop (TFL)

The NWRDC owns and manages a 14.3 mile fiber optic loop surrounding the Tallahassee Metropolitan Area. The TFL provides NWRDC customers with up to 10 Gigabyte bandwidth on a diverse loop design.  Through its affiliation with Florida State University, NWRDC offers its customers Data Center access via the Florida LambdaRail and the Research and Education Network (Internet2) as well as Florida LambdaRail's Commodity Peering and the Internet.

The TFL is also the only pathway in Tallahassee with connectivity to Florida LambdaRail and National LambdaRail Networks.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced Local Loop Cost
  • Reduced Network Management
  • Minimal Additional Cost to Increase Bandwidth
  • Greater Choice of Internet Service Providers
  • Diverse Redundant Loop Design
  • LAN Speed Connections to NWRDC