Data Center Policies and Procedures

The following is a listing of Data Center Policies and Procedures:


NWRDC Change Management Procedure

 1.0          Change Management

The RemedyForce change management system is used to record and track changes to NWRDC facilities and shared systems.  Changes are entered by the appropriate staff responsible for the change.  All changes are reviewed weekly during a change management meeting.  Scheduling of changes are discussed to insure no conflicts exist between NWRDC changes and Customer support. NWRDC management approves all changes

2.0          Change Management Meetings

The NWRDC Change Manager conducts weekly Change Management Meetings to discuss the following activities;

  • New Changes
  • Change Scheduling
  • In Progress Changes

All changes require a Change Request be submitted for approval through the RemedyForce change management system.   All requests require authorizations outlined below in section 4.0 Classification of Change.

Any change made due to emergency must be followed by a completed Change Request Form.

3.0          Change Notifications

All changes require approval and advance notifications.  All changes impacting Customers must be noticed at least two (2) weeks prior to the change activity with a reminder notification one (1) week prior to the change activity. 

Changes requiring a customer outage must be noticed thirty (30) days prior to the change activity with reminders notifications two (2) weeks and one (1) week prior to the change activity.

4.0          Classification of Change

4.1.1    Change Types

  • Emergency/Critical – Operational activities, such as repairs that are not optional characterized by outage, critical fix, roll backs, restart processes, and RemedyForce Incident tickets.
  • Urgent/High – Any change that is expected to impact service and must be addressed before the next weekly Change Management meeting. 
  • Normal –   Standard changes requiring notification and approval through weekly Change Management meeting.

4.1.2    Impact Level

  • High - A change which may result in possible downtime or adverse impact to a large customer base.
    • Authorizations
      • Executive Director
      • Assistant Directors
      • Notification - All Staff and affected Customers
  • Medium - A change which presents possible downtime or adverse impact to several customers
    • Authorization
      • Assistant Directors
      • Notification - All Staff and affected Customer
  • Low - A change which presents a small possibility of downtime or adverse effect to customers
    • Authorization
      • Assistant Directors
      • Managers
      • Notification - All Staff and affected Customer



NWRDC Standard Rack Enclosure

NWRDC has developed a policy that sets a standard for equipment enclosures that are placed on the raised floor areas. The standard enclosure is considered to be a 42 U 19” enclosure that is no larger than 24” wide, 48” deep and 79” tall.


NWRDC Shipping and Receiving Procedure:

NWRDC can accept packages/deliveries on behalf of our clients.

Delivery Service Operating Hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Please Note: We do not receive packages/deliveries on weekends or holidays.

To best meet the needs of our customers we ask that prior to having shipments sent to NWRDC the following steps are completed:

  • Send an email a minimum of two weeks in advance to Delivery with Delivery for “Customer Name” in the subject line.
  • Include in the email the customer contact information, equipment type, number of packages and expected delivery date.

Have all shipments labeled accurately including the following information:

  • The full address of the NWRDC facility (2048 East Paul Dirac Drive, Tallahassee FL, 32310)
  • Full customer name on all shipments
  • Specify “Inside Delivery”

Once the shipment is received NWRDC will send an email to the customer contact confirming receipt of the shipment.

Please Note: NWRDC is not responsible for storing equipment. Charges will be incurred if the equipment is not moved from the receiving area in 5 business days.

Failure to comply with NWRDC’s shipping/delivery policy will result in refusal of the shipment.


Miscellaneous Item Storage

Customers may not store any miscellaneous items within a rack containing running equipment or on the Data Center floor. Examples of such items include: boxes, paper, and spare parts not integrated into equipment. Locked storage cabinets for these items will be made available to customers upon request. Please email us to inquire about storage cabinets.