Northwest Regional Data Center was designed and engineered to be a state-of-the-art data center that could guarantee customers’ security, accessibility and connectivity. NWRDC’s current management team has since further renovated the center, now offering top tier facilities.

Physical Security
The first step in maintaining a secure environment is preventing unauthorized access to the data center. NWRDC employs an advanced security system and is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Exteriors, doorways and hallways are under continuous recorded video surveillance. Multiple security points are in place throughout the entire building.

Proprietary, redundant and cross-configured multi-homed router provider network
Three tier-one ISP connections to Internet backbone
Redundant fiber connections on diverse physical paths: one 10Gb connection and two diverse 1Gb paths terminating in Tallahassee
Gigabit Ethernet internal network backbone
Network monitoring 24x7x365
Customer Privacy - We understand your need for data security.NWRDC assures your privacy by controlling access to your data. All passwords are routinely changed and require expiration dates

To ensure reliability, air temperature and humidity levels are continuously monitored and controlled. Redundant cooling systems are implemented. To protect equipment and data, NWRDC is equipped with two 1000kW  generators that can run at full capacity for weeks with emergency refueling as needed. Together the generators can produce 2000 kilowatts of power. A 1000KVA UPS system conditions the electrical power to the raised floor area. Each server enclosure is powered by 2 electrical circuits from diverse PDUs. Smoke detection and fire suppression system protect the 9600+ sq ft raised data center floor. The facility is also protected by a lightning supression system.

Data Backup System
NWRDC currently performs a full volume backup Monday mornings beginning at 2:00AM stopping all non-essential operating system tasks. A ‘snapshot’ of all production disk volumes is created at 2:30AM after all non-essential tasks have terminated. Monday morning backups are currently written to virtual tapes, which are replicated to NWRDC’s offsite facility in Atlanta, GA. and to cartridge tapes, which are taken offsite to the State vault in Tallahassee.

Tuesday through Saturday mornings, DB2 is suspended at 4:30AM to disallow updates while the ‘snapshot’ of all production disk volumes is made. Immediately after the ‘snapshot’ has completed, DB2 resumes processing and the full volume backups begin. During the week, the full volume backups are written to virtual tape. This data is replicated to Atlanta, GA. as well.

The copy of the full volume backups written to 3590 tapes on Mondays will discontinue (date yet to be determined) as the Automated Tape Library that contains these tape drives is being sunset.