NWRDC Selected as the Hosting Facility for CYCISS Initiative Project

Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC) has been selected to host and manage Florida Children and Youth Cabinet Information Sharing System (CYCISS) Initiative.

Florida’s Children and Youth Cabinet was created in 2007 with one of its main charges (as outlined in FS 402.56) to “Design and implement actions that will promote collaboration, creativity, increased efficiency, information sharing, and improved service delivery between and within state governmental organizations that provide services for Florida’s children, youth and their families.” As a way to achieve this charge, the CYCISS initiative is a data and information sharing system through which multiple department and agency systems can be queried and the resulting data elements displayed, sharing information within and between the cabinet member agencies.

NWRDC will host and manage CYCISS system in its data center facility located in Innovation Park. The Policy Board and the staff at NWRDC are extremely excited for the opportunity of contributing their excellent system support structure and project management skill to insure a successful project, which will directly benefit the children and youth of Florida.

Phase I of the project is currently underway.