NWRDC Named as Florida's First Non-State Primary Data Center

Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC) has been designated the status of Florida’s first non-state primary data center. This designation allows the Center to continue serving state agency clients in collaboration with Florida’s two state data centers: Southwood Shared Resource Center (SSRC) and Northwood Shared Resource Center (NSRC).

This designation is pursuant to the intent of the Florida Legislature that the state data centers and computing facilities be consolidated into primary data centers to the maximum extent possible, providing quality data center processing services to the State Agencies in the most efficient and effective means possible (Ch. 282.201(1), F.S.).

The entire Policy Board and the Center’s staff are very excited about the opportunities the designation made available”, says Mr. Michael Dieckmann, Chairman of the NWRDC Policy Board. With the new status, NWRDC will play an important role in the State’s data center consolidation projects, providing services for State Agencies, as well as Florida’s educational communities, city and county governments and various consortia and non-profit groups. NWRDC will continue to provide its customers reliable solutions to their large-scale computing and business continuity planning needs.