FY15/16 Rate Update

As reported previously, the NWRDC Policy Board met May 29th and approved the NWRDC FY15/16 Operating Budget and rate structure for the coming fiscal year. Some rates had slight increases while others decreased. To expand on some of our more common rates:

  • Storage:  A true comparison of rates is not possible as we changed the unit by which we charge to make it more user friendly for our customers.  In the past, we have invoiced base on raw GB allocated.  While technically correct, we have repeatedly heard that this is challenging for you to manage, as your technical staff always make their requests for storage in usable GB.   Beginning July 1st, this service will be based on usable storage.  While the rate was adjusted, the number of units purchased adjusted accordingly; therefore, you should not see a change in the bottom line of your invoice.

As an additional value in the service, full encryption license is now included at no additional cost.   NWRDC will also increase the amount of reserve storage on hand, so that new storage requests can be handled in a faster timeframe.  All of these enhancements were incorporated into the service without raising its rate!

  • Managed Services:  Several additional components were added to this service with only a fractional increase in rate.  Beginning this year, all managed services systems will be licensed to use NWRDC’s new monitoring platform.  This will allow you to phase out individual monitoring tools and save on licensing costs.   As an extension of this service, you will be able to add application monitoring (for an additional fee) on top of NWRDC’s infrastructure monitoring that is included in the rate.

Also included in the coming year’s managed service is automated patch distribution and reporting.  This will allow NWRDC staff to quickly report on systems that are vulnerable to new threats, as well as push patches and fixes out to the managed systems.  Patch distribution is still subject to your change management and patching schedules, of course.  This tool will just help automate that process.  Again, all of this is included in the rate.

  • Floor Space:  Customers will see a 5% increase in the floor space rate.  Total floor space expenses for the coming year, however, have decreased.  The increase in rate is due to several customers reducing their floor space, resulting in NWRDC selling 30 less racks (over 480 sq ft) in the coming year.   NWRDC is working with several potential customers for this space, which will help reduce its rate going forward.   While the floor space rate increased, we are pleased to report that NWRDC was able to reduce its electrical rate by 18%.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Service:   NWRDC was able to reduce the CIS rate by 5% while still adding additional tools to the service, such as the new Performance Manager tool. 

All customers will be notified about the rates specific to their service agreement.  To view our FY15/16 Service Catalog and rates click here.  In addition, we thought you might be interested in a comparison of last year’s rates to the coming year.