Web Utilities

These utilities require appropriate NWRDC access authority. When prompted for a username and password, please respond by entering your ACF2 logon ID and password codes.

CICS Program/Mapset Status 
This utility displays CICS program/mapset status by region, including length, use count and (when possible) compile date and time.

DB2 Authorizations Query
This query allows you to browse selected details about NWRDC DB2 authorizations.

Institution Codes Query
This query will display data from the NWRDC Institution Codes database.

Outside Tape Inventory
Performs a DB2 query of outside tape library inventories.

TCP/IP Printers Query
This query will display details about an NWRDC TCP/IP printer.

Password Verification/Update
This utility will allow you to Validate or Update your NWRDC password.