DB2 Authorizations Query

This inquiry form allows you to browse selected details about NWRDC DB2 authorizations.

To see your ID's authorizations, select the appropriate DB2 subsystem (DSN or DB2T) and Object type (database, table, view, alias, collection, plan or package). Indicate whether (Yes) or not (No) to include public authorizations (note: including them in a query request adds significantly to the query's response time and processing costs). Click the Submit button. Enter your NWRDC username and password values to the resulting 'Username and Password Required" security prompt and click OK to launch the query request. The query results are displayed.

To see authorizations for an ID other than your own, select the appropriate DB2 Subsystem, Object and Public Authorizations? query values, enter the ID in the Query Another's User ID? field, and click the Submit button to initiate the security prompt ('Username and Password Required') and query processing.

DB2 Subsystem:


Include Public Authorizations?

Query Another's User ID?